About Us

Since the first CFS event was held in 2019, the show has gained critical acclaim from within the Muay Thai community and combat industry due to its no nonsense approach to production values and quality of bouts.

CFS events have raised the bar for International and World title bouts and has now become one of the must-see Muay Thai events in Europe.

Over the past 6 events it has had some of the finest Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighters in the world, including Bernise Alldis, Lara Fernandez, Rhys Brudenell and Nico Carrillo to name but just a few. CFS has had several prestigious high profile World title bouts sanctioned by both the WBC and ISKA.

Having already secured 3 dates at the Iconic Fairfield Halls venue, seating 1700 for this year and along with an additional amateur show to be held at a 700 seater venue, 2022 promises to be a massive year for CFS.

Every event filmed will be broadcasted on our PPV platform and has been purchased all over the world due to our growing success and use of international fighters.

In addition with a new social media marketing team in place, our social media, website and youtube channel growth will show increased growth and strong monetisation capability throughout 2022.

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